THERMOSKIN® is a Lanolin based liquid product proven to maintain body weight & condition of shorn animals.

 Contains all natural ingredients and is 100% Biodegradable.
 Is sprayed onto shorn animals to give them a protective coating from inclement weather for up to 6 weeks.
 Protects and seals minor shearing cuts and nicks, will promote faster healing and reduce contamination.
 Assists with maintaining constant body temperature.
 Dries within 2 minutes of application and sheep can be exposed to rain 10-15 minutes after application and it will not affect the efficacy of the product.
 Is physiologically harmless and breaks down totally after 6 weeks making it environmentally friendly, so much so that it is actually edible.
 Can easily be scoured.
 Will not produce residues that are likely to adversely affect the environment through scouring plant effluent.