Energiser PortaFence B11

Energiser PortaFence B11
Manufacturer: GALLAGHER P/L

0.11 Joules stored energy.

For portable fencing up to 1 km (3/5 mile).

Ideal for strip grazing and protecting gardens from small animals.

Designed for simple installation and use.

Fully modular.

Robust, durable design for long life.

Compact and portable case designed to enclose batteries.

Adjustable battery-save options extend battery life.

Battery options: 6 Super Heavy Duty Long Life “D” cell batteries or 12 Volt deep cycle rechargeable battery (leisure, marine type) - not included.

12 Volt battery leads included.

Battery life: up to 3 months with the latest generation alkaline ”D” cell batteries; up to 6 months with one fully charged 12 volt 60 amp hour battery.

Built-in indicator light flashes with each pulse.

B11 with stand: self supporting with carry handle makes installation simple and convenient: the stand simply pushes into the ground G35311.

Attaches to Gallagher Polywire, Polytape, galvanised wire or Treadin post.