Dinofert Lawn Food 20kg

Dinofert Lawn Food 20kg
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Manufacturer: DINOFERT

Dinofert Lawn Food is a granulated, low odour blend of composted, bi0-degraded poultry manure and diamonnium phospate (DAP) with good spread and flow characteristics.

  • Suitable for all grass types
  • Organic based
  • 100% Australian made
  • Controlled release for a more efficient delivery of nutrients.
  • Improves and promotes microbial and earthworm activity, moisture retention, soil aeration and adds essential organic matter to replenish soil structure.
  • The organic components help to build a stronger root system, producing thicker, healthier, and longer lasting grass, whilst the inorganic component Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) provide readily available additional quantities of nitrogen and phosphate which is essential for grasses giving a quicker response to greening. 
  • Both in organic and organic components complement one another producing what we believe is arguably the best fertiliser available for lawns. 
  • Product is granulated which requires less watering in. 
  • Odour reduced for convenient application.