Ranvet Hoof Food 2kg

Ranvet Hoof Food 2kg
Manufacturer: RANVET P/L

Hoof growth and regeneration is very much an "inside-outside" process. Painting something onto the outside of the hoof won't cause regeneration, the hoof must receive nutrients from the blood stream in order to stimulate growth and repair. Your answer is daily supplementation with Ranvet Hoof Food.

The coronary band is the primary source of growth and nutrition for the hoof wall. Ranvet Hoof Food provides high levels of Biotin together with other essential pre-Keratins which are needed to promote hoof growth and repair. Biotin has been proved to stimulate horn production, and to lay it down at a faster rate, not only in the coronary band but also in the laminate, thus improving the strength and integrity of the periople, hoof wall, sole, frog and white line junction.