Your CRT Country Store has the right water pump and water system design for your need. 

Our expert staff are able to do on site inspections and recommendations and develop a water plan that is right for you.  We specilise in whole farm water systems utilising solar, electric and motorised pumps. Your CRT Country Store in Cooma is also part of the nation wide Pro Water Group.  We supply quality Onga, Davy, Grundfos and Southern Cross pumps, bore pumps and Lorentz and Waterboy Solar pumping systems.

Whether pumping from a tank onto your vegie patch or to supply water to home sweet home and garden ask our expert store staff what they would recommend to suit your need.

We also supply all your water fittings such as cement and poly water troughs, economy and pressure poly pipe, water pipe fittings, tank level indicators and spare parts.

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Davey D15VA Vortex Sump Pump

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Davey HM160-19T Stainless Steel Multistage Pump

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Davey HP85-08T Multistage Pump

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Davey HS60-08T Multistage Pump

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Davey XF192 Transfer Pump

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Davey XP450T Pressure Pump

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